March 21, 2009

Watch Guida vs. Lashley Live

This weekend, we will witness and watch Guida vs Lashley live during the Boxing and MMA event in Pensacola, Florida. Yes, the match is now Jason Guida vs. Bobby Lashley after Shamrock was disqualified.

In a recent announcement, it's been said that Jason Guida will face Bobby Lashley in the Jones vs Sheika fight. I think that Guida is a better opponent for Lashley than Shamrock so this change of fighters is a welcome decision.

Jason Guida has a career record of 17-19. He is smaller than Lashley which obviously, makes fans think that Lashley will easily win this fight. So that's it, this weekend, we will watch Guida vs Lashley as one of the March Badness boxing/MMA fight event.

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