January 22, 2009

Feng Shui Car Number: What Plate Number Is Lucky?

Are you buying a car? Then maybe that's the reason why you are looking for feng shui car number tips. You want to know what plate number is lucky in terms of Feng Shui. Well, don't worry, I'll help now.

The Chinese believe that you should have a lucky feng shui car number to ensure that you will not be in accidents and nothing bad will happen to you. So if you want some advice, here they are.

The Cantonese pronunciation of the number 8 sounds like the word for prosperity. That's why 8 is always considered a lucky number. This is the reason why the most lucky car number according to Feng Shui is all 8.

On the other hand, Chinese Feng Shui believe that the number 4 is bad luck. So avoid it at all cost in your car number.

What about the other numbers? What else is a lucky feng shui car number?

There is no other meaning for the other digits. As long as you have 8 and you don't have 4, then you're fine. In the Philippines, aside from 888 having the plate numbers 777 and 168 are also considered lucky feng shui car numbers.

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