December 09, 2008

I'm Looking For Patapon 2 Torrent Download For Free

Where can I find and download Patapon 2 torrent for free? I've seen the Patapon 2 demo and I'm really excited to get this PSP game because I loved the first one. But before you go and download Patapon 2 torrents, here are some facts about this PSP game.

Patapon 2 is a PSP video game from Sony Entertainment. Obviously, this is the sequel to the highly successful and original Patapon game. This time, Patapon 2 can host up to four players in a multiplayer game.

Patapon designer Hiroyuki Kotani said that the multiplayer mode starts from the single player mode and involves giant eggs. The four players must then defend the egg against enemies and bring it to an altar. Afterwhich, all players will do a hatching ceremony, which in classic Patapon style, involves rhythmic synchronization.

Patapon 2 was first released in Japan on November 26. For more stories, please read this PSP Games Free Download article.

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