June 20, 2008

Swertres Winning Formula

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Anyway, this article is actually about a news article from the Bohol Standard and I'd like to share it to you, here it is:

A lady mayor has found a winning formula to curb the proliferation of the illegal numbers games suertres.

Loay Mayor Rosemarie Lim-Imboy has gathered identified suertres financiers in her town and had a heart-to-heart talk with them explaining the effects of operating masiao suertres which is illegal being not sanction by duly authorized government agencies like the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes.

"It is not hard to identify these financiers since they are publicly known and everybody knows them in the community. What we must do is to convince them to stop from this illegal business. Although I really understand their side and the need for them to earn a livelihood, I also have to impose the rule of law as it is my responsibility being the mayor of the town," Mayor Lim-Imboy said.

She said she will also exert a maximum tolerance to let workers in the illegal suertres business find other means of work and will not be hard on them.

"But if they persist to go on with this illegal business, then I will have to file charges and exert the full power of the law," the lady mayor warned.

Meanwhile, she brushed aside the black propaganda made by her political rivals using the suertres issue. She is accused of not doing anything about suertres.

"The truth is that suertres financiers themselves, many of them supporters of my political rivals, are now expressing their gratitude thanking me for my gentle approach towards their businesss. They have now vowed support for my administrations since I respected them also and treated them fairly," Mayor Lim-Imboy revealed.

"Here in my town, the defeated politicians still refuse to accept that Loay needs reform and new brand of leadership. I would say, they better contribute something for the welfare of Loay rather than engage in politicking for their own selfish ends," she said.

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  1. So what is the winning formula? Could you please post for me?